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Cabuchon Bathrooms

Custom built, bespoke and luxury baths designed by Cabuchon® Bathforms.

Today more than ever before your home is an expression of your values, taste and even dreams. The bathroom, once simply functional, is now, because of new materials, new technologies and better design, increasingly able to combine style and form with function and bathing be calming haven, healing spa, private refuge or romantic rendezvous, as well as cleansing.

Cabuchon Bathforms has been in the forefront of these evolutions in both its custom and bespoke bath designs – its ability to combine good taste, elegance and comfort with sound function and durability – and its pioneering development over twenty years ago of composites to provide a better bath tub material, FICORE® – the bath reinvented.

Whether you choose to relate Your Lifestyle to a special bathtub design or search Our Products for the style you want, you will find the custom built and bespoke baths by Cabuchon Bathforms unique.

Whitegate, Lancashire,

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Phone: +  0152466022   Fax: +  01524844927

Cabuchon Bathrooms

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