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Welcome to the Homebuyers Directory

We have given the Homebuyers Directory a stunning new look. If you are a regular visitor we are sure you will love all the new features. If you are a new visitor we are sure you will be impressed and will return frequently.

If you are a company providing quality goods or services to home buyers or home owners looking to renovate or improve their home, and you know already that you want to be included in the Homebuyers Directory, then you can go straight to the temporary Order section where you will be able to select from the various Listings and other services relatedto those listings that we have to offer.

We have created an Illustrated Brochure in pdf format which you can download, and optionally print, to understand more about the services we have to offer

We have invested in state of the art software to make your searching very easy and fast so you can spend longer looking at products and services rather than searching. All of the listings on the Homebuyers Directory have been hand picked, we have fully researched all the different categories, and everything within the site is associated with being a homeowner or looking to find a new home. Every step from finding, financing and furnishing your home is taken care of - this truly is your one stop site.

We did not want to defeat the object of the Homebuyers Directory by having endless entries per category, so we have decided that we will only have 25 companies per category per county. For multinational companies we have created a county listing called Nationwide.

We have a new bulk listing price for companies which have representation in all counties in the UK for a particular category or categories. These Nationwide Listings are restricted to 5 per category to allow room for local companies to be represented.

The Homebuyers Directory is owned by Grapevine Directories ltd. I set up the company because I was frustrated when I was looking to buy a new home, I spent more time searching for things which I knew I had seen but could not remember, and visiting reportedly friendly sites which when I visited them were far from it..

In designing this new look I have been supported and helped by some amazing friends and we have become a very good team. Many people felt that the directory was an excellent idea when it was first conceived but with the current team behind me we have been able to take it to quite another level.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more services to the Homebuyers Directory. If you have any company who you would like to recommend please contact me.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Belinda who has been so patient and inspiring; her knowledge is amazing and has given me the confidence to carry on when I could have given up. Her input has been invaluable.

Thank you Nikita  for the most brilliant programming, and for going the extra mile and giving us the most stunning directory. 

Finally, I would also like to say a very big thank you to one of my contributors The London Door Company who allowed me to use their door, on the opening page; it's very symbolic for us as it has opened so many doors for me and I am sure it will now open a door for you.

Thank you

Christine Smith
Managing Director


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