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The Homebuyers Directory is a hand selected collection of quality listings aimed at the needs and aspirations of homebuyers and those looking to improve their home.

If you feel your products or service should be in a category that we do not yet cater for, please let us know and we will consider adding it to the directory.

Web site content and your page content within the directory must be appropriate to the category in which you are listed.  Homebuyers Directory reserve the right to edit or remove content; to change the category a listing is under and any other action necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of the directory as a resource for visitors.

The content and images used in your listings must be your copyright or you must have permission from the copyright owner to use them in the directory.

Content of a libellous, defamatory, offensive or illegal nature, or listings linking to such content, are obviously not allowed and will be removed without any reference to the owner of the listing.

Any companies deemed to be spamming the Directory by buying up inappropriate numbers of listings, taking over companies which then provide them with an inappropriate number of listings or masquerading as apparently seperate companies which are actually owned by the same company, in an attempt to exclude other legitimate companies from individual counties or categories, will have their listings removed and waive their right to any rebate for remaining time left on their account. 

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